The Training Circuit


After many years exploring and teaching the art of yoga, Alvelyn made the decision to bring her expertise and growing passion for fitness, nutrition, and health to The Training Circuit. Alvelyn’s versatility and vibrant energy are what make her an exceptional instructor. Her knowledge of all  things fitness, from skateboarding and rock climbing to spinning and dance, provide her with a  unique understanding of what it takes to achieve fitness goals. Her focus on postural correction  and overall body strengthening ensures that her clients will receive a well-rounded fitness  experience. With creativity, love, and drive, Alvelyn inspires everyone she meets to work hard to  accomplish their dreams and “lead the sweat life.”

In her spare time, Alvelyn enjoys pursuing her professional photography business. Her portfolio features projects with companies such as Jewel Osco and Nike. Whether she’s in the photography studio or on the training mat, her comforting presence puts everyone at ease and  encourages them to strive for greatness, regardless of their age.