The Training Circuit

The Training Circuit was born out of a realization that the commercial fitness industry left quite a bit to be desired. In 2013, Fazlee dove headfirst into creating a well-rounded fitness experience for his clients. Fazlee launched The Training Circuit with the mission to train his clients using a safe,
progressive training style, focused on sustainability. Each session combines training with fun and
engaging activities and sports, ensuring excitement with every workout. With 25 years of experience
in the coaching and management sector, Fazlee has proven time and time again that every client will experience the long-term health benefits that stem from fun, realistic, and manageable workouts. Fazlee strives to instil their clients with the tools they need to set achievable goals; there are no short cuts or quick transformations here. Fazlee has a collection of experiences in the fitness industry, all of which combine perfectly to provide his clients with the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to stay active. From endurance sport strength and conditioning to weight management to
professional stretch therapy, there’s something for everyone. Fitness enthusiasts searching for experiences outside of the gym can explore one of The Training Circuit’s fitness holiday retreats. Join the group as they travel both locally and internationally, engaging in fitness activities developed with a focus on fun and adventure. The Training Circuit is with you throughout every step of your journey, whether it’s crunching in your home gym or racing up the mountains in Nepal. Fazlee takes pride in making you work hard and sweat buckets. The greatest complement is hearing their clients whisper “I hate you” as they leave after a fantastic and challenging workout.